4 Tips For Keeping Your Daycare Clean And Germ-Free

Posted on: 11 March 2015


Running a daycare can be a great way to make a possible contribution in the lives of children and their parents. A daycare needs to be kept clean, much like any other business. However, there are special considerations to be taken into account since young children are around. Here are a few tips for keeping your daycare safe, clean, and germ-free:

1. Use toys that can be washed or disinfected.

When running a daycare, you have many little ones to take care of. Since children will be sharing toys, use only toys that can be easily cleaned. Non-porous plastic toys are a good option, as long as they are large enough to not pose a choking hazard. Cloth toys and stuffed animals are acceptable as long as they can be laundered after use. Wash toys whenever they've been in a child's mouth, in order to prevent the spread of germs.

2. Have a cleaning service come in daily.

Young kids are still exploring their surroundings, with means they often get their sticky fingers and mouths everywhere. Be sure to wipe down counters periodically throughout the day using disinfectant wipes or solution.  Consider hiring a commercial cleaning service like Roadrunner Cleaning & Janitorial Services to thoroughly clean the daycare after the children go home. They can mop and disinfect the floors as well as the countertops, cabinets, and other surfaces.

3. Use the safest chemicals possible.

Since young children are around, be sure to ask your cleaner to use the most gentle chemicals possible. Less toxic chemicals should be chosen when possible. Ensure proper ventilation during and after cleaning and sanitizing, in order to protect children from harmful fumes. Use only cleaners rated by the EPA to be effective at reducing bacteria and germs, advises Caring for Our Children.

4. Avoid using air fresheners or air sanitizers.

When possible, avoid using aerosols or other scented, airborne chemicals. Some people are sensitive to artificial fragrance, and these chemicals may accidentally make a child sick. Instead, open a window to let fresh air into the daycare. This is an easy, cost-free, and less hazardous method of getting rid of unwanted odors. Ask your cleaners if it's possible to use unscented versions of cleaners and sanitizers instead.

Keeping your daycare clean and free of germs is one way that you can watch out for the children in your care. A clean daycare is a safer and more pleasant environment for everyone. These four tips will help keep your children and staff happy and healthy.