How to Remove the Cat Urine Smell out from Your Carpet

Posted on: 13 March 2015


For the most part, cats make great pets. Many cats are relatively low maintenance, fun to play with, and love to cuddle with their owners. Unfortunately, owning a cat has a downside too. It's nearly impossible to get rid of the cat urine smell when needed. So, what do you do when your precious pet gets mad and decides to get revenge by urinating on your brand new carpet? Before you call the closest carpet cleaning company, check out these tips to get the cat urine smell out of your carpet.

Break Out the Black Light

One of the main reasons it's so hard to get rid of the cat urine smell is because you can't see a cat urine stain once the area is dry. So, if you can't pinpoint the soiled spot by smell, it's easy to miss. Fortunately, cat urine glows underneath a black light. So, break out the forensics kit you purchased after binge watching CSI and get ready to put your investigative skills to the test. (If you don't have a forensics kit or an attic filled with treasures from the 1960s, you can purchase a black light at your local pet store.)

For the black light to work properly, the room needs to be dark. So, you either need to wait until nighttime or cover any windows in the room to block out the light. Once the room is dark:

  • Turn on the black light.
  • Turn off the lights in the room.
  • Slowly move the black light over the carpet taking note of any areas that glow.
  • Repeat the process to inspect other parts of the room until you believe you've found all of the soiled spots.

Clean with White Vinegar

The secret to ridding your home of the smell of cat urine is simple. Clean your carpets with a solution of white vinegar and water first. Apply a solution of one part water and one part white vinegar to the soiled areas of your carpet and let it dry. This neutralizes the odor of any deep down stains that your carpet cleaner may not be able to remove. If your carpet is severely stained, you can use the white vinegar and water solution with your carpet cleaner just like you would use a carpet cleaning solution that you've purchased from the store.

Use a Carpet Cleaner

Once the water and white vinegar solution dries, you need to clean your carpets with an enzymatic cleaner. The enzymatic cleaner is used in conjunction with your carpet cleaner just like you would use a chemical-based carpet cleaner. The only difference between an enzyme-based cleaner and a chemical-based cleaner is the ingredients used to make the solution. Enzymatic cleaners are pet- and child-safe. It works well on pet urine stains because the enzymes in the cleaner help neutralize the odor that continually draws your cat to that specific area when he has to urinate.

Removing the cat urine smell from your carpets isn't a fun process, but it can be accomplished if you take the proper steps. Alternatively, you can hire a professional carpet cleaning company (such as Front Range Steamway Inc) to clean your soiled carpets. Just make sure to tell the company before your appointment that you need the employees to clean carpets that your cat has soiled so they can adjust their procedures accordingly.