5 Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Clean And Fresh

Posted on: 15 March 2015


Carpet is a popular option in homes for a number of reasons- it can help keep rooms warmer in the winter, it is feels good on the feet, and it provides a comfortable area for babies and kids to play. If maintained properly, carpet can look good and last for many years. Use the following tips to keep your carpet soft, clean, and stain-free:

Consider Applying Carpet Stain Protection

There are several carpet stain protectors on the market, and applying one to your carpet can help keep it looking good for a long time. These stain protectors are sprayed on your carpet; they contain polymers that repel dirt and stains from setting into the fibers of the carpet. You can opt to apply a carpet stain protector yourself, but for best results you may want to hire a professional carpet cleaner who is experienced in the process.

No Shoes on the Carpet

Think about all of the things you walk on while you're out of your home- dirt, grease, dust, and other debris. Those items adhere to the bottom of your shoes, so off you wear your shoes in the house you are tracking all of that yucky stuff right over your carpet. You can prevent a lot of spots and stains by requiring everyone to take off their shoes when they enter your home.

Pay Attention to How You Vacuum

When you have carpet installed, it is well worth it to invest in a high quality vacuum cleaner to help maintain your carpet and remove dirt and debris. But the make and model of a vacuum is not the only thing to think about- you also need to pay attention to your vacuuming technique. Pushing a vacuum back and forth quickly across the carpet will not sufficiently clean it; take your time when vacuuming, and move slowly and even;y over each area of carpet. Don't be afraid to vacuum a particular area more than once to ensure the best results possible.

Know How to Properly Clean Stains

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, there is a good chance that something will spill on your carpet eventually. Cleaning a spill properly right after it occurs can prevent it from creating a permanent stain. The first thing you want to do is soak up the spill with a clean towel; then use a spot cleaner that is safe for your type of carpeting to eliminate the stain.

Don't Forget to Schedule Professional Cleaning

There is a lot that you can do yourself to maintain your carpeting, but it is still important to have your carpets cleaned professionally on a regular basis. Professional grade carpet cleansers and shampoo machines clean down to the bases of your carpet fibers, removing and debris or buildup that your vacuum can't reach. There are several different professional carpet cleaning methods available- contact All Around Town Carpet Care to learn more.