Damaged Rug Or Carpet? Repair It Yourself!

Posted on: 4 June 2015


If you've tried relentlessly to get that wine stain out of your carpet with no luck, or the cat has decided to use that one spot in the middle of the living room as a scratching area one too many times, you might think it's time to have your carpet completely replaced. Performing repair on your rug or carpet can be done yourself without having to shell out thousands of dollars to re-carpet your entire home. Here is a method that can make fixing the damage easy and make it look as good as new.

Find an Extra Piece

Often, you'll find that you may have what's known as remnants stored away in a closet somewhere in your home. These are just leftover pieces of carpeting that were not used and were put away for the homeowner to use for other purposes, or it may be that the carpet installation guys just did not want to throw them out. If you can't find a remnant lying around, however, you will need to sacrifice a small piece of carpet from somewhere else hidden, like a closet. Cut out a piece slightly bigger than the damaged area.

Trace and Cut

Using a round object like a paint can, trace a circle around the remnant on the back side. Make sure that the diameter or overall size of your template is larger than the damaged area so you have room to work with. Then, cut the marked carpet out slowly and carefully using a utility knife. This piece will be your "patch" for the repaired area. Do the same thing to the damaged spot, and gently remove it from the floor once it's been cut all the way out. Ideally, both cut pieces should be the same size. 

Eyeball and Install

Now that you have the damaged area cut out and the new piece of carpet ready to be installed, make sure that it fits well and snugly. If it is too small, you'll have gaps of the floor or padding beneath showing. If it's too large, it will not adhere to the floor properly and will be loose. After you place it down, make sure the "grain" or nap of the carpet is matching the right direction. You can add a piece of tape to the bottom of the cut piece and draw an arrow on it to show which direction it should go. Then, using heavy duty carpet tape, place it on the floor first. Firmly press down till it's snugly attached, and then place the replacement piece down onto the other sticky side of the tape. Make sure it is adhered well, and you should have a newly repaired carpet in no time. 

If you're unable to fix your carpet this way, contact a company like Tashjian's Oriental Rug Service for professional help.