Two Benefits Stone Resurfacing for Your Countertops Can Offer

Posted on: 5 June 2015


Your kitchen is one of the most important places in your entire home. In addition to the space in your kitchen being functional, the materials and surfaces in your kitchen also need to be durable. This is especially true when it comes to your countertops.  If your current countertops are in need of desperate repair and are less than durable, don't worry, you can avoid a complete replacement. Stone resurfacing for your countertop can help increase durability, transform the look of your kitchen and provide a number of additional benefits without the headache of new countertop installation.

Lower Cost

One of the primary benefits of resurfacing your countertops with stone is a lower cost. Compared to the material and labor costs that come along with new countertop installation, resurfacing is a far less expensive option. In terms of materials, with complete replacement, you are paying for stone that is designed based on the desired thickness of your countertop.

If your countertops are on the thicker side, this can add up to be a big expense. With resurfacing, only a thin layer of stone material is applied over your existing countertop. This significantly reduces the amount of required material therefore reducing your cost. As an added tip, if you're looking to update your kitchen to add resale value, this is a low cost and easy step that can help you accomplish this.

Non-Porous Surface

When it comes to keeping your countertops looking their best and ensuring that they are clean, whether or not the countertop is porous is very important. Porous countertops are designed with tiny holes along the surface. Dirt, grit and bacteria can easily get trapped in these holes, causing stains and increasing the risk of harmful bacterial contamination in the food and other items you place on your countertop. Even with regular cleaning, it can be difficult to completely remove dirt that has lodged itself deep within these holes.

When you have your countertops resurfaced with stone, this is an issue you no longer have to worry about. Stone resurfaced countertops create a non-porous surface because they are coated with a protective seal. This won't just make them look better, but it will also give you confidence that your countertops are cleaner.

Stone resurfacing can help keep your kitchen attractive and functional. This won't just ensure a durable place to prepare food for your family, but also a place the entire family can enjoy together. For more information, contact companies like Marble Tec Systems.