Two Reasons Stains Keep Resurfacing On Your Rugs

Posted on: 18 June 2015


If you're anything like the average homeowner, you put forth a great deal of effort to protect the rugs in your home. Keeping them fresh and clean is a priority. As a result, you have your rugs cleaned on a regular basis. However, there is one problem, the stains keep coming back. A recurrence of a stain after a professional cleaning is known as re-soiling or wicking. Learning how to distinguish these types of stains is the first step to removing them for good.


A common reason stains seem to be reappearing on your rug is probably re-soiling. This is an issue that is more common when it comes to stains from substances that have high sugar contents, such as ice cream, coffee creamer and soda. When you spill these types of liquids on your rug, the sugars found in these products naturally adhere to the rug's fibers. Even if you remove the substance, the sugars could still be attached to the rug.

Since sugars are sticky, they serve as a magnet, attracting any object that will adhere to it. Whether it's dirt or sand from your shoes, these tiny particles adhere to the sugar creating an unsightly stain. Whenever you spill a solution with a high sugar content, remember that it will take several rinses to remove the sugar and prevent this issue.


When most people spill liquid on their rugs, the first reaction is to scrub the stain away as hard as they can. Even though this is not the correct method for cleaning, people continue to do this because through their scrubbing efforts, it looks like the stain is disappearing. However, this is only temporary. As you scrub, you're only forcing the liquid down towards the backing of the rug.

Once the rug backing begins to dry, it will gradually push the remaining moisture upwards, only causing the stain to resurface. The proper solution is to soak up liquid stains. After a spill, immediately place a thick towel over the liquid and then place a heavy object on top of it, such as a plate. The idea is that the weight of the plate will force the liquid upwards towards the towel, where it will be soaked up and removed.

In addition to regular preventive care, having your rugs professionally cleaned is also an important part of preventing these issues. Make certain you are working hard to keep your rugs in good condition to extend their life and keep them looking great. To learn more about rug cleaning, speak with someone like Majestic Rug Cleaning Co. Inc.