Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Carpet

Posted on: 27 September 2016


In an effort to save money, some homeowners are opting to tackle the job of cleaning their carpets themselves. Unfortunately, there are several mistakes that can be made, which can lead to the carpet being irreparably damaged. If you are planning to clean your own carpet, here are some mistakes to avoid. 

Using the Wrong Chemicals

One of the biggest mistakes that an inexperienced homeowner could make is using the wrong chemicals to clean their carpet. Although carpet is a fiber, there are major differences between the chemicals you can use to clean other fibers and the carpeting. Some can prove to be damaging to the carpet.  

For instance, there is a misconception that bleach can be used to clean carpets because it is considered safe to clean clothes. In actuality, bleach can cause discoloration and even weaken the fabric. The weakened fabric is more susceptible to wear and tear.  

Ideally, you should use mild cleaners that are specially made for carpet cleaning. More stubborn stains might not respond to the mild cleaners though. However, a professional carpet cleaning service will have commercial grade cleaners that can safely remove stains. 

Renting Carpet Cleaning Equipment

If you are thinking of renting carpet cleaning equipment to get the job done, you might want to reconsider and purchase your own equipment. Rental equipment has been in and out of many homes. Unfortunately, not all rental services regularly service their equipment. Instead of cleaning your carpet, you could run into another issue.  

For instance, if the storage tank on the rental equipment is damaged, the dirty water that you suction from carpet could end up being spilled back onto the carpet. The result could be disastrous and difficult to clean up. You also run the risk of a malfunctioning cleaner pulling the fabric of your carpet and leaving holes in the floor. 

If you are unable to fit the price of new equipment into your budget, you can schedule a cleaning with a professional carpet cleaning service for a lower price. Not only will the carpet be cleaned, but you do not have to worry about wrestling with the equipment. You also do not have to worry about your carpet being damaged by a malfunctioning carpet cleaner.  

There are other mistakes that you could encounter while attempting to clean your own carpet. To avoid those problems and possibly damaging your carpet, consider working with a professional carpet cleaning service.