Four Types Of Floor Scrubbers And What They Do

Posted on: 17 February 2017


When it comes down to cleaning your floors, there are several machines that can accomplish the job. Some of these machines are multi-purpose, while other floor scrubbers have very specific uses. The following four floor cleaning machines and what they do will help you select the correct machine to clean your floors.

Steam Cleaner for Carpets

Whether you use a portable steam cleaner or truck-mounted steam cleaning services, both of these carpet cleaners deep clean to get out stains and dirt embedded in your carpets. The steam provides just enough moisture to make dirt and sticky stains fluid, and the suction of the machine then pulls out the moistened dirt and stains. Really tough stains, such as pen ink or blood, require a pre-treatment and then most of these stains can be removed too.

Bare Floor Scrubber

Janitors use a bare floor scrubber. This machine utilizes a circular disk to apply water and soap as a foam, and the disk then doubles as the sponge to remove the foam and the dirt that the foam picks up. This machine also uses suction to lift dirt from bare floors. Some higher-end machines have multiple settings so that they can be set for cleaning wood floors, vinyl floors, tile floors, etc.

Floor Waxer

After your bare floors are scrubbed, you may decide to have them waxed and buffed. A floor waxer applies a layer of hot wax to tile and wood floors to seal and protect the floors from more dirt, damage and high traffic wear. This is definitely NOT a machine to operate on your own, and you will need to hire a custodian, janitor, or other cleaning professional who has experience with floor waxers and waxing jobs. While you can rent these machines yourself, you take several risks to personal well-being and to your floors when you do not know how to operate it.

Floor Buffer

A floor buffer is similar to a bare floor scrubber. Sometimes even the same machine is used, but entirely different rotary disks are affixed to the bottom of the machine. When the machine is turned on, the buffing disk spins quickly to polish and shine tile and wood floors. If you like your floors to look very new and have a nice sheen to them, you may want to consider renting a floor buffer for the job. If you are not sure how to properly operate a floor buffer, hiring floor cleaners is the next best thing to doing it yourself.