Make Your Gutters Look Like New: What You Can Do

Posted on: 11 October 2018


The cost to have new gutters installed on your home could be hefty, which is one reason why you should take care of the ones you have. If your gutters look unsightly, or are in need of some repairs, it's best to try to repair them to lengthen their life. This will prevent you from spending money on new ones. Read on for instructions to make your gutters look—and work—like new again.

Clean Your Gutters

One of the biggest reasons gutters get into such bad shape is that they aren't being cleaned out enough. The buildup of dirt and debris can lead to damns, which can cause water damage. The extra weight can cause your gutters to pull away from your home or sag, which may also lead to water damage. Get them clean by using a ladder. Make sure you use a small shovel or gloves to scoop out the contents of the gutter and clean out as much as possible. 

Next, take your garden hose to spray out the rest of the debris that you aren't able to scoop out. Using the garden hose can also show you where you have leaks in your gutters. Spray the inside of the gutter, then use either a pressure washer or an aluminum cleaner and your garden hose to clean the exterior of your gutters to get rid of unsightly mold or mildew and other stains.

Make Repairs to Your Gutters

Repair your gutters as needed. If you have missing gutter hangers, or nails are being pulled out away from the house, replace these so your gutters hang properly. This will ensure that they can do their job properly. If you noticed leaks in your gutters such as at the seams or in other areas, you can use silicone to help seal these areas and prevent water from dripping or leaking. If you have missing downspouts, replace these and any downspout extensions. Downspout extensions are important, as they guide water away from your house's foundation. Too much water close to the foundation may lead to water damage inside your basement or crawl space.

Paint Your Gutters

After you've made repairs and cleaned your gutters, give them a fresh coating of paint to really make them look like new. You can use an exterior aluminum paint and a paintbrush to get this job done. Paint just the exterior of the gutters, give it one coat and add a second one if necessary. It isn't a necessary step, but it can help add curb appeal to your home. 

If your gutters aren't in terrible shape, you can give them new life and actually lengthen the life of your gutters. Clean, inspect and repair your gutters. If you aren't comfortable doing this yourself, hire a gutter cleaning services to do the job for you.