Hidden Water Damage And Mold: Did They Make Your Family Sick?

Posted on: 18 January 2019


If your children, spouse, and pets stay sick, and you don't know why, check your home for hidden water damage and mold. Water can leak from almost anything in your home, including your plumbing pipes, washing machine, and indoor air conditioning unit. If water soaks below your floorboards or behind your walls, black mold can use it to grow inside your home. Learn more about hidden water leaks and mold below. 

How Can Water and Mold Hide in Your Home?

If you keep your home well-maintained, dry, and clean, you might not worry too much about your plumbing, appliances, and other fixtures. However, these items can experience a number of issues over time that cause them to break down and leak. Some of the leaking water can penetrate the floors, walls, and other structures in your home and cause significant damage in them. Unless you inspect your appliances and plumbing fixtures regularly, you might not notice any issues until your family becomes sick.

Leaking water can attract many types of pathogens, including mold spores. Although mold tends live outside the home, it can enter your living space through your windows, doors, and other entrances. Once mold spores find a damp place in your home, it can take up residence and grow. 

Mold can trigger a number of health issues, including cold- and flu-like symptoms. Mold can also cause allergies and other respiratory distress. Unless your family's physician is familiar with the symptoms of black mold, they may not know exactly how to treat your family's illnesses. In this case, you'll need to hire someone who can help you overcome your family's dilemma.

What Can You Do About Your Family's Ill Health?

The first thing you can do to protect your family's health is to reach out to a professional cleaning service for assistance. A cleaning service can help you locate and remove the waterlogged structures inside your home. If a company locates damaged plumbing pipes and other issues, they can help you find someone to repair the problems right away. Some cleaning services employ plumbers, so you may not need to hire an outside contractor to repair your plumbing.

After a cleaning service removes the wet items from your structure, they can treat the mold growth in your house. One of the most effective ways to remove mold from a home is through mold remediation. A cleaning contractor may use a wet vacuum and other types of equipment to remove the mold from your house. If a contractor finds mold throughout your home, they may use special chemicals to remove it.

If your family is sick, and you can't find the source behind it, contact a cleaning service for help today.