Was Your Loved One The Victim Of A Brutal Crime In Their Home? 3 Reasons To Leave The Cleanup To The Professionals

Posted on: 16 July 2019


Dealing with a personal tragedy is already hard enough. Yet, many crime victims and their families are often left with the difficult process of cleaning up the scene. Once the criminal investigation and collection of evidence is complete, your loved one's home is typically turned over to them in the same condition that it was left following the crime. While you may feel the need to do everything you can to pitch in to help right now, the truth is that trying to do the cleanup yourself can create even further tragic consequences. As your family tries to figure out what to do next, consider these three reasons why you should leave the trauma scene cleanup to a trained team.

Protect Yourself From Potential Pathogens

The first thing you need to do is remember that bodily fluids can carry pathogens. Although you may feel like you know your loved one's health status, all bodily fluids should be treated as potential biohazards. It is also possible that the perpetrator's bodily fluids are in the house. In some situations, wearing nonporous gloves can help to prevent the spread of disease, but it may not be enough for a crime scene. A professional team has personal protection equipment such as hazmat suits and face masks that further protect everyone from potential pathogens.

Be Confident That Every Surface is Sanitized

You should also know that some germs can still remain even after you try to do a normal cleaning. Diseases such as hepatitis and MRSA can live for a long period of time outside of the human body. Since these pathogens are undetectable to the human eye, you may never know if you leave them behind. When you arrange for a professional crime scene cleanup, special cleaning techniques and disinfectants are used that ensure that every surface is completely sanitized. This can help to bring you and your loved one comfort if they continue to live in their home.

Spare Yourself The Painful Memories

Cleaning up a crime scene is traumatic unless you have been properly prepared for it with specialized training. It is also difficult to clean up a space that reminds you of exactly what kind of trauma your love one endured. The sight of the crime scene can remain with you long after everyone has begun to move forward, and it can delay your healing. Try to accept that some jobs are better left to professionals who did not know your loved one. As they do the cleanup, you can focus on spending time with your family as you all work through this challenging time.