Did Your Last Tenant Fail To Clean Up After Their Pet? 3 Tips To Make Your Home Ready To Rent Out Again With Pet Odor Treatment

Posted on: 29 January 2020


Renting out your home is an effective way to bring in an income when you don't need to live in the space. Ideally, you should carefully screen potential tenants to make sure that they have a good history of taking care of the places that they have lived, but you still take a risk every time you let someone move into your property. Pets can cause quite a bit of damage in a rental property, and the odor left behind by improperly cleaned up accidents can make it hard to find new tenants. Now that the previous tenants have moved out, you can use these pet odor removal tips to begin the process of making your property ready to put back on the rental market.

Identify the Main Sources of the Odor

Pet odors can range from dog and cat urine stains to odd smells generated by animals such as ferrets. It is also possible that your previous tenants kept the animal in one specific part of the house that seems to have gotten the worst of the damage. Take some time to walk around your house and figure out where the smell may be coming from. If the house is furnished, then remember that the odor could also be in the upholstery of couches and chairs. Identifying where you think the sources of the odors are located helps you direct the pet odor treatment professionals to where they need to focus their attention.

Understand the Need for Deep Cleaning

With pet odors, it is not as simple as spraying some air freshener to make things nice again. That foul odor that you smell is likely from urine, sweat, or special scent glands that have worked their way into the fibers of the carpet and other materials in your house. Pet odor removal must include a thorough deep-cleaning of these types of materials to remove the actual particles that are emitting the odor.

Use Professional Services to Neutralize Odors

Professional cleaning services can reach deeper to lift pet stains and scents from fabrics and other porous materials. However, there can still sometimes be lingering odors that exist within the house that you don't want to just mask with a scented spray. Ask the cleaning team about their pet odor solutions to make sure that they use products that neutralize the odors. This ensures that the odor is completely gone and will not come back a few days later.