4 Tricks To Keep Your Office Sparkling Clean

Posted on: 18 September 2020


Having a clean office can help improve employee productivity, and having a clean office can help leave a good impression on any clients that drop by your office. Office spaces often contain a lot of little objects, which requires both your employees and your cleaning crew to be committed to working together to keep things clean.

Wipe Off Personal Workstation Each Morning

Provide each employee with a supply of computer cleaning wipes and require your employees to wipe off their personal workstations either at the start or the end of the day. They should wipe off their keyboard, mouse, phone, and computer. This will help keep germs at bay that can accumulate on these high-touch personal objects. Keeping one's personal workspace clean will help to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses throughout your office.

Be sure to replenish the wipes on a regular basis.

Clean the Fridge Out on a Weekly Basis

The community fridge is often necessary in an office in order to provide people with a place to put their food. However, community fridges are often well known for being very dirty places where food sits and rots.

Require your employees to empty out the fridge at the end of the workweek, on Fridays. Then, ask your cleaning service to wipe down the interior of the fridge and throw away any food that remains during their Friday cleaning. This will help keep your fridge a clean and safe place for people to put their food.

Get Your Windows Professionally Cleaned

Third, many people overlook the windows when arranging to have their offices professionally cleaned. Your windows don't need to be cleaned on a daily basis; however, you are going to want to get them cleaned a few times a year. You can also ask your cleaning service to wipe down the frame of your windows during the weekly clean to keep dust to a minimum.

Get a Deep Clean

Your cleaning service is going to do regular weekly or daily cleaning tasks when they come through your office, such as take out the trash, clean the restroom, and clean the floors. It is also a good idea to arrange to have your office cleaning service deep clean your office at least twice a year.

With a deep cleaning, they will go a little further than normal. They may use a carpet cleaner on the floors or polish the floors. They will clean the walls, molding, and other areas that are not cleaned on a regular basis. Deep cleaning once or twice a year will give your office a nice look.

Work together with your cleaning service and your employees to create a clean office environment. Have your employees wipe off their personal workspace each day and remove their food from the fridge on Fridays. Have your cleaning service deep clean your office a couple of times a year. Get them to clean your fridge out on a weekly basis, and have them clean all high-traffic areas each time they clean your office.