Professional Carpet Cleaning Is Much Better Than DIY Cleaning

Posted on: 4 January 2021


With the proper care and regular maintenance, you can keep your carpet looking good for years. You don't want to neglect it or it will show and you will likely need to have it replaced a lot sooner. Vacuuming the carpet should be done regularly not only to pick up dirt that's been tracked in from outside and things like crumbs and other debris from inside but also to keep it looking fluffy. However, vacuuming would be considered a form of light cleaning. Additionally, your carpet needs to be professionally cleaned annually and you can learn more about this below: 

1. Professional cleaning is superior to DIY carpet cleaning

People often make the mistake of purchasing a personal steam cleaner for their carpet and think they can replace the need for having a professional come out to clean their carpet by doing it themselves. This is a mistake and the personal steam cleaners do not do nearly as good of a job of cleaning the carpet as the professionals would for many reasons. Professional carpet cleaners know when and where to use specific solutions to remove any stubborn stains or to get rid of odors. They also use stronger industrial strength products and professional-grade equipment that removes much more dirt from the carpet and gets the dirt that's ground down to the padding under the carpet. 

2. Professional cleaning will help bring the carpet back to life

By the time carpet needs to have its annual cleaning, it will likely have lost its shine and now look dull. It will also be flat in the high traffic areas where people walk on the carpet regularly, and it will have a dirty odor to it. A professional carpet cleaner will clean it with a strong solution and a cleaner that strongly sucks everything up. The force of the suction will cause the flat areas to spring back up and it will bring back the shine by removing the grime that caused it to become dull. The drying action will also dry the carpet almost completely and it will be all the way dry not long after they have left. They can also use other tools and equipment in trouble areas. 

3. Professionals can help protect your carpet

When you have a professional carpet cleaner come, you can have the carpet protected with an application of a protective spray after it has been cleaned. This product will protect the carpet against everything from dirt to spills—making it stay cleaner for much longer.

For more information, contact local carpet cleaning services.