Keeping Your Carpeting In Good Condition

Posted on: 19 May 2021


The carpet that you have on your floors can be some of the surfaces in your home that may be the most difficult for you to keep clean. While cleaning the carpets in your house may not be an exciting aspect of homeownership, it is a responsibility that can be essential for keeping your home's interior looking and smelling pleasant.

Remove Lint And Pet Hair From The Carpet

Lint can be a significant problem for carpeting. The fibers that are used in your carpet can be excellent at trapping and retaining small pieces of lint. The end result may be that the lint is able to significantly degrade the overall appearance of the property. Individuals that have pets will also find that pet hair can get stuck in the fibers. This will be able to reduce the overall appearance of the carpet along with causing the carpet to smell unpleasant. Using a lint and hair roller that is designed for use on carpeting can allow you to quickly remove these materials before they are able to cause significant damage to the appearance of the carpeting.

Steam Clean The Carpet To Remove Deep Grime

Once dirt and other debris have worked their way deep into the carpeting, you will find that it may be extremely difficult for you to be able to remove these materials. Unfortunately, homeowners may find that this can lead to severe discoloration of the carpeting along with a musty odor developing. In order to remove these substances from your carpeting, you should consider steam cleaning the carpeting every few months. This will remove the debris that has gotten worked into the carpeting so that its color will be protected and musty odors prevented.

Dry The Carpet Before Using It Again

Steam cleaning can be one of the most effective methods of deep cleaning the carpeting. However, it will leave the carpet slightly wet. Generally, you will want to avoid using the carpet until it has fully dried as it could be easy for dirt and debris to get stuck to the carpet fibers when they are moist. Additionally, moving furniture or other heavy items onto the carpeting before it dries may trap the moisture in the fibers. Over time, this could lead to mold growth or the carpet fibers even starting to rot. You can help to speed up the drying process by positioning a powerful fan to blow air over the carpeting.

For more tips, contact a local carpet cleaning service.