Scheduling A Moving Cleanout? The Order Your Move Out Services Should Be Handled In

Posted on: 27 August 2021


If you are moving out of a home and into another home, you likely have a lot going on. You have to take time to pack, schedule utility turn-on and shut-off services, change your mailing address and maybe enroll your child in a different school. During the process, you may be utilizing services, such as cleaning services, to help you get any deposit back with a landlord or to ensure the home is ready for a new owner to take possession. Scheduling things in the right order can ensure everything is clean and ready to go. 

Move Everything Out of the House

The very first thing that should be done before any services are brought in to help prepare your home for the new resident is to move everything out of your home. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is asking a cleaner to come in on the exact day you are moving everything out. You will both be in each other's way, and a cleaning company may need to backtrack if something you remove has dirt or dust hidden behind it. 

Patch Up Nail Holes and Touch-Up Paint

After you have moved everything out of the home, you can either call in a handyman or you can go around the home filling in nail holes, patching up damage to the wall, and touching up any scratched or scraped paint. Allow these items to fully dry before calling in a professional cleaning service for a move-out cleaning. 

Have Your Move Out Cleaning Solution

Now that you have moved everything out of the home and patched up nail holes and fixed minor imperfections, you can have a moving cleaning service come into your home and clean it. A move-out service involves deep cleaning the entire home, including parts of the home that may be overlooked, such as baseboards and light fixtures. 

Get Your Floors Professionally Cleaned

The final thing that you will want to have done is to get your floors professionally cleaned. This should be the last step as you do not want anyone walking all over the floors after they have been cleaned. A professional can remove dirt, stains, and spots, ensuring the flooring is good to go for the next people who are living in the home. 

Even the best-planned move can be stressful, as there is a lot going on. If you are moving, reach out to cleaning services after you have moved everything out of your home, patched up any nail holes, and touched up the painting. A cleaning service can clean everything in the home, including blinds, baseboards, the oven, and the fridge, to help ensure the home is ready for the next tenant or owner. 

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