Fire Damage Cleaning: Do You Need It?

Posted on: 1 February 2022


Fire damage cleaning is an extensive cleaning effort to remove soot, fire smoke, and actual fire damaged materials and other things from an environment following the damage. In some cases, fire damage cleanup is not a big deal because the fire itself was either isolated enough to not cause a lot of damage or the fire was rather small. However, even a just-smoke situation can lead to the need for fire damage cleaning, so you should know when you need this service so you can protect your family and property from lasting fire issues.

Whether you had a contained fire in your home or you are still cleaning up the fire damage from a mishap on your property, knowing if you need professional fire damage cleaning is important. Here are some signs you need it:

There was lots of smoke

Fire damage is obvious, while smoke damage might not be. Where there's smoke, there are chemicals: cyanide and creosote are just some of the chemicals that are found in fire smoke. Many deaths due to fire don't even happen at the time of the fire itself but are rather caused by the side effects of smoke inhalation.

Even if the fire in your home or other property was minimal, the smoke damage left behind is not healthy and can cause lasting damage to anyone who goes inside. A fire damage cleaning crew can remove the fire and smoke residue and help keep your family safe.

There was lots of structural damage

It's easy to remove the items within a property that were damaged by smoke and fire, such as furniture, curtains, and clothing, but other things that have been damaged by fire, such as flooring, walls, cabinets, and other structural parts of a property, can be much more difficult to clean, remove, and repair. This is where fire damage cleaning services come into play. These professionals assess the fire and smoke damage in a home and make repairs as needed, removing the smoke or fire-scarred parts of the property so the property can be prepped for restoration.

There was ample or wide-coverage damage

Even a contained fire can cause lots of damage, but the larger the fire, the more destructive it is. The wide-coverage damage can be hard to clean up even if it's mild to the naked eye, so it's wise to employ fire damage cleaning professionals to be thorough and safe in the cleanup process. Property insurance may help cover the expenses, so get estimates from multiple fire damage cleaning service companies and report them to your insurance agent as you file your claim.

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