Pet Owners Need To Stay On Top Of Their Professional Carpet Cleaning

Posted on: 31 May 2022


If you have pets, then staying on top of the care of your carpet will be even more important. When you let things go a little longer than suggested when you don't have pets, then things may still be fine. However, if you don't stay on top of the cleaning with pets, then your carpet can quickly end up in bad shape. Once the carpet gets to a certain point, it will be difficult, if impossible, to save it. At this point, you will be looking at an expensive carpet replacement. Here are some of the reasons why you need to stay on top of the professional carpet cleanings when you have pets: 

Pet dander collects under the carpet

Pet dander will end up under the carpet, where it will stay until something causes it to go back up through the carpet into the air. Walking on the floor is just one thing that can push the dander back through the carpet. 

When it is in the air, it will act as an allergen to those who breathe it in. This can affect those with things like asthma or allergies. Vacuuming isn't effective at removing a good amount of the pet dander. However, the professional equipment the carpet cleaners use will get most of it. 

Pet fluids stain the carpet

If your pet urinates, throws up, or even has diarrhea on the carpet, then this can cause stains. No matter how quickly you act when it comes to cleaning up the mess, you may still end up with stubborn stains that keep coming back. One reason for this is because the fluids can go beneath the carpet, all the way to the padding. Professionals can get those stains out well with spot treating and professional-grade equipment. 

Pet fur can be stubborn

Pet fur can be hard for you to maintain control over with your vacuum. The fur can stick in the fibers of the carpet, even through the vacuuming. However, strong professional equipment will be able to remove the majority of the fur. This means the carpet will look fantastic. Also, there will be less fur being tracked through the house and getting onto the furniture when you have the carpet cleaned professionally. 

Pet stains cause odors

Another big issue when you have pets is they can cause odors in the carpet that can leave your home smelling unpleasant. Not only can pet fluids cause these odors, but the oils from their fur can also be left behind on the carpet and cause bad smells. The powerful solutions and equipment the professionals use are your best bet at combatting those odors for good.

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