Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Is Important For Your Home's Carpets

Posted on: 17 March 2023


It's best to have your carpet cleaned about once a year so dirt doesn't get ground into the fibers and hard to remove. Whether you've kept up with carpet cleaning or not, it may be time to have your carpet cleaned again. If you've not cleaned the carpet for years, there could be a big difference in the way your old carpet looks when it's clean. If you want your home to look and smell its best, carpet cleaning is important. Here's why.

Cleaning Protects The Carpet Fibers

Carpets last longer when they are deep cleaned regularly. That's because grit and dirt can cut the fibers when you walk on the carpet. This could cause the fibers to fray and wear out too fast. Your carpet manufacturer may even recommend a frequency for carpet cleaning so your carpet has the longest life possible.

Commercial carpet cleaning equipment is able to dissolve clingy dirt so it can be extracted along with the water. The fibers may be revitalized if they're flattened, and they'll look fresh and clean. By keeping up with cleaning your carpet, you can help an old carpet get more years of life and a new carpet stay looking new for years by protecting the fibers from dirt and grit.

Cleaning Eliminates Pet Odors

Carpet cleaning gets rid of dirt, and it can also sanitize your carpet. By killing bacteria, you'll get rid of bacterial odors so your carpet smells fresher. Cleaning the carpet gets rid of pet body odors and odors left behind from pet accidents.

If you have pets, you may worry that you're nose blind to their smells. One way to make sure your pets aren't stinking up your house is to have regular carpet cleaning. You might also want the carpets cleaned right before a party or other event just to make sure your pets can't be smelled before they're seen.

Cleaning Eliminates Tough Stains

Even a professional carpet cleaner can't get rid of all carpet stains. Old stains and stains set in the carpet with heat may not be possible to remove. However, a professional has cleaning supplies for just about every need.

They may try enzyme cleaners on stains to break them apart so they can be removed. A professional has the best chance of getting out tough stains since they have the products and equipment needed to do the job.

They may spray the cleaners on first and let them work while they clean elsewhere or move furniture. Once the cleaners have broken down the stains, they can be lifted when possible as the rest of the carpet is cleaned.

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