Crime Scene Cleanups — What You Need To Know

Posted on: 16 May 2023


Although you may not anticipate a crime occurring at your place of business, it is important to be wary of what to do if one occurs. If a crime is committed, it is your responsibility to have the crime scene assessed by licensed crime scene investigators. Once evidence is collected, crime scene cleaning must be conducted.

The Cleaning Team

Crime scene cleaners are a specialized team of cleaners. In order for an individual to become licensed to clean crime scenes, they must participate in training. Training covers the proper way to handle bodily fluids, innards, and human waste. A cleaner will need to learn about the proper way to disinfect various materials.

Cleaners often participate in trauma counseling. Counseling allows a cleaner to handle their job duties, without being emotionally scarred by what they observe. Cleaners are respectful and discreet. They will not draw attention to the fact that they are present. They will simply perform the job duties that they are hired for.

Insurance Variables

Covering the costs associated with a crime scene cleanup is the responsibility of a property owner. Insurance coverage may pay for some or all of the cleanup essentials.

Your Coverage

It is a good idea to review your insurance policy now. If you do not have the necessary coverage that will pay for crime scene costs, increase the amount of coverage that you are supplied with.

A licensed crime scene cleaning team may directly bill you, but you will have the opportunity to file a claim with your insurance company. The claim will be necessary for reimbursement of the cleaning costs.

The Process

Crime scene materials, including bodily fluids and human waste, are considered biohazards. These materials need to be cleaned up promptly. If a crime occurs, the crime scene investigation team will barricade the area. Nobody will be able to access the spot where a crime occurred. The investigation team will conduct their analysis.

If a death occurs during a crime, the body will be removed. Once the investigation team has finished their work, they will notify the property owner. They will let the owner know that the cleaning process can commence.

The owner will not need to make any preparations, other than scheduling a time for a licensed crime scene cleaning team to handle the cleanup process. The cleaning team will clean walls, carpets, tiles, furnishings, and any other materials that were in and around the crime scene.

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