How To Keep Your Office Or Workplace Clean

Posted on: 28 June 2023


Have things been getting a little sloppy at your workplace because you just don't have time to keep things clean? If your business is growing but you want to maintain a professional appearance as much as possible, here are some tips that might help.

Create a List of Regular Tasks

Checklists can go a long way toward reminding you and others to stay on top of things. You might want to make a daily list, a weekly list, and a monthly list of various tasks. You can assign different employees to take care of different tasks if people want to help out or if you are making it part of their official duties. Make sure the checklists get taken care of on schedule and your business should start looking a lot better.

Encourage Employees to Tidy Up

Beyond the checklists, you could sit down with your employees as a group and ask them to do a better job of getting rid of clutter. You could encourage this by making sure every employee has their own trash basket and maybe even a separate basket for recycling. Keeping a small business clean will be easier if you get each employee of the business to buy into the mission.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Visible and Available

One way you could help encourage a culture around cleaning is to keep cleaning supplies visible. Put them in areas that might need wiped down or cleaned on a regular basis. If you don't want cleaning supplies sitting out where customers can see them, you could consider at least putting a label on a nearby cleaning closet so it's always noticed by employees who walk past.

Pay Special Attention to High Traffic Areas

Your lobby or the front room of your business is the first spot any potential client or customer is going to see upon entering. Make a habit of vacuuming or mopping this area on a regular basis in order to create a good first impression. Keeping this area of the business spic and span may also help create a culture around cleaning that will spread to the rest of the building.

Another area you might want to pay special attention to is the employee break room. Keep those cleaning supplies available and make sure all employees are cleaning up after themselves in order to maintain a clean eating environment.

Hire Professional Help

If you still can't do it all on your own, maybe it's time for some outside assistance. A local commercial cleaning company may be able to help you keep things looking professional with a regular appointment.

Contact a local commercial cleaning service to learn more.